About David Lader

David Lader is a member of Rovin, LLC, a real estate investment company established in 2007 with partner Ken Lebsock. In 2013, Lader also began operating Linoa, LLC in Tucson, Arizona. Linoa is a real estate development company that recently purchased a home in Barrio Libre, part of Tucson’s famous historic district. The home was built in 1903 and is currently being restored.

Mr. Lader graduated from Cornell University in 1986 with his Bachelor of Arts. His degree combined anthropology, sociology, and cross-cultural psychology, and Lader’s coursework included the study of Native American, Japanese, and South Asian cultures.

David Lader began his graduate study in 1995 in Tucson, Arizona. While running The Dojang, his local martial arts school, he spent the next three years earning his Master’s Degree in Counseling through the University of Phoenix.

Mr. Lader retired from teaching Tae Kwon Do and practicing counseling in 2004 and sold his school to his senior instructor Marie Daranyi. He then opened Daken, LLC that year with a long-time friend and real estate developer Mr. Ken Lebsock. While Lader and Lebsock negotiated various real estate investments in Tucson, Mr. Lader also began teaching his Warrior’s Dance system at both The Zuzi Dance Theatre and the Flor De Liz Dance Studios in Tucson. In 2007, Lader and Lebsock formed their second real estate investment partnership, Rovin LLC, and, in 2013, David Lader opened Linoa LLC, his own real estate development company.