David Lader’s Top 5 Ways to Beat the Heat In Tucson


Summers in Tucson are known for their heat.  While the mornings and evenings are usually quite comfortable and enjoyable, the deep summer months often bring temperatures of well over 100 degrees.  This may seem like a shock at first, but most of us native Tucsonans have tricks to beat the heat.

1)Take a day trip to Mt. Lemmon

Tucson’s Mt. Lemmon is a great retreat from the deep summer heat.  With temperatures ranging from 20 to as much as 50 degrees cooler than the city below, Mt. Lemmon’s forest shade is a great spot for a picnic on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  If you stick around for sunset, you’ll be rewarded with a great view of the city from Windy Point and an amazing starscape without the light pollution from the city.


2)Visit Breaker’s Water Park


A staple in Tucson during the summer, Breaker’s features a 1.3 million gallon wave pool and some wonderful water slides, one of which has a 32 foot drop.  It’s especially fun for the kids, so be sure to take your family for a day of fun in the sun.


3)Go for a drive

If you have to get in your car when the heat is on, it’s likely that once the AC gets going you won’t want to get out.  If you’re looking for a way to beat the heat, and you have some free time, why not take a drive?  There are so many great sights in Tucson and in the surrounding area – try exploring the city, head into the Coronado National Forest, or visit Catalina State Park.


4)Grab a cold drink

With many great restaurants in Tucson, you’ll have your pick of a nice spot for a bite to eat or a cold drink to cool things down.  One of the greatest aspects of Tucson is our rich and diverse culture… that translates into lots of interesting and tasty food and drinks to be had at any number of our local eateries.


5)Check out Reid Park


Reid Park is a great retreat for those who want to enjoy a picnic in the shade without having to leave the city.  There are sprawling grassy hills, a lake with a sidewalk around it, a golf course, and even a zoo.  It’s worth a visit, and it’ll help to keep your mind off the heat.


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