David Lader discusses 4 Common Real Estate Questions

David Lader has dealt with all sorts of buyers, from many different walks of life. During that time, he’s noticed that many buyers – even those from divergent backgrounds – have similar questions when they first consider purchasing their own home. Here are some of the more common questions he’s received through the years…


David Lader Discusses 4 Ways The Housing Market Is Different In 2013

The Housing Market landscape is an ever-changing field – sometimes it changes in favor of the buyer, and other times it favors the seller. This year we’ve noticed some marked differences in how the housing market landscape has reformed since previous years, and there is a good chance that you’ll find 2013’s market is the right time for you to buy a home. Read below for our take on how the market is different in 2013.

David Lader discusses 4 Common Questions About Selling A Home

Selling a home, much like buying a home, can be an arduous task filled with pitfalls and hidden difficulties. In this short article, David Lader will discuss the 4 most common questions he has come across when selling a home as well as buying them from private sellers.

How can I determine what my home is worth?

One of the best methods you can use to determine the value of your home is to get an appraisal. While appraisals sometimes have a large upfront cost, but it is worth it because an appraisal can be upheld in court. Expert appraisers will evaluate your home from a number of aspects including location, size of the home, and other factors.


It is also possible to do your own price estimate, however there is a lot of work that goes into it and it is better in many ways to have a professional handle the appraisal, as there are many aspects of the process which can be missed if you are not trained.

David Lader’s Top 4 Reasons to Live in Tucson

Tucson Weather

Many people find Tucson to be a favorable place to live because of the weather. Summer days are warm, while summer nights are cool and often breezy. The winter season is mild, and the temperature drops below 40 degrees only during December and January. Here David Lader will talk about some of the best reasons to live in Tucson.

There is a rainy season between July and September, called the “Monsoon,” though these storms are generally short-lived and leave the desert environment of Tucson revitalized and fresh.

David Lader’s Top 5 Reasons For Real Estate Investment

5) Reliability of Returns

Although it may be tempting to go for an investment with a chance of returning a huge amount of profit (i.e. stocks or bonds), these types of investments also come with a substantial risk of losing value. One of the best upsides of a real estate investment is that they can provide a steady, reliable return over the course of many years.

4) Tax Benefits

There are many deductions that can be taken when tax time comes around as a result of a real estate investment. For example, any of the following are valid deductions: repairs and maintenance; home insurance; listing and agent fees; and travel time to perform repairs. Interest on mortgage payments is also deductible on properties which produce income.

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