David Lader’s Top 4 Reasons to Live in Tucson

Tucson Weather

Many people find Tucson to be a favorable place to live because of the weather. Summer days are warm, while summer nights are cool and often breezy. The winter season is mild, and the temperature drops below 40 degrees only during December and January. Here David Lader will talk about some of the best reasons to live in Tucson.

There is a rainy season between July and September, called the “Monsoon,” though these storms are generally short-lived and leave the desert environment of Tucson revitalized and fresh.

David Lader Discusses the Top 5 Tucson Tourist Attractions

Tucson is a great city with many wonderful things to do.  When visiting a new place, however, it can be a challenge to figure out which attractions are most worthy of your time.  Fortunately, Tucson offers a wide variety of activities, sights, and interesting places to visit.  In this article, David Lader discusses the main Tucson tourist attractions you’ll want to experience if you’re visiting for the first time.


1) 4th Avenue

If night life is your thing, Tucson’s downtown culture is where you’ll want to be, and 4th Avenue is a must.  With wide sidewalks and unique shops, studios, restaurants, and pubs lining both sides of the avenue, there’s always something interesting to see.  You’ll be surrounded by virtually every age group, from college kids blowing off steam after class at the U of A, to adults enjoying a drink at one of the many bars, and even older folks out for a night of fun.  It’s definitely a must-see.

David Lader’s Top 5 Ways to Beat the Heat In Tucson


Summers in Tucson are known for their heat.  While the mornings and evenings are usually quite comfortable and enjoyable, the deep summer months often bring temperatures of well over 100 degrees.  This may seem like a shock at first, but most of us native Tucsonans have tricks to beat the heat.

David Lader Talks About His Top 5 Favorite Yearly Tucson Events

Tucson has a rich and diverse culture that spans many areas of interest and has been a huge part of the community since the city was founded.  There’s no better way to experience Tucson culture than to get involved in some Tucson’s many yearly events.  Here, David Lader discusses a few key Tucson events you should be sure to keep an eye out for..


1) The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

Known all over the country as one of the best gem and mineral shows the USA has to offer, the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is held every year and lasts for about 2 weeks, usually in or around February. Expect to see some truly amazing specimens – from extremely rare pieces, like Faberge eggs and diamond clusters, to fossils and more.  It’s a great event that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

David Lader’s 1418 North 6th Avenue Restoration Video

Check out this video, created by David Lader, to showcase the recent project to restore 1418 North 6th Avenue in Tucson Arizona.

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