Testimonial 10

Almost two years ago, my girlfriend and I were driving around when we saw the For Rent sign. I called David Lader and right away I knew that Mr. Lader was a great person to deal with. He did not overcomplicate the process of renting us the home. David is a very trustworthy individual, bar none. David has always treated us with the utmost respect. He is a very professional, no-nonsense type of person. Without a doubt, I give David Lader two thumbs up for being such great person. One of the most pleasant aspects of working with David has been his prompt response whenever we have had any problems with our property. David does not hesitate in putting me in contact with his crew to get any problem resolved right away. I am a retired military person, and I like to get things done without a lot of fuss.

Ivan Cruz

Tucson, AZ

Testimonial 9



We found David Lader through Craigslist in the home listing ads. My fiancee and I were looking for a lovely home to start our family. I called David to see what he had to offer. I’m not going to lie…at first it seemed to good to be true. I had this feeling in the back of my mind that there was a catch behind what he had to offer. I was wrong. David Lader treated us as I feel a long time loyal friend or family member would. He was there to welcome us into a beautiful home. Being first time buyers, it was the best experience we could have ever wished for. The greatest memory we enjoyed with him was the day we went to sign the papers to our amazing new home. After signing the papers, he continued to engage and interact with us…he wasn’t all about the money and not all about business. He played a few songs for us on his piano (by the way, he is an amazing musician). I would say hands down I would rate him a 10/10 to work with. I would refer all my friends and family to him as well as random people. As the months go on, David continues to amaze us with his understanding and dedication to our needs. He goes above and beyond to help us whenever we need help. I would say in all my renting experience that David Lader is by far the best landlord anyone could wish for.

Tony Bohard III

Tucson, AZ

Testimonial 8

I found David Lader in the Back of the Tucson Buyer’s Guide. I was searching for places to rent or purchase.

David is one of the kindest people I have met in my life. He has the warmest smile and funny humor. A very special moment for me was when David invited me to his home to finalize the details of my Lease Purchase agreement. I met David’s wife and children. He has a lovely family. I appreciated his warmth and kindness, and he bent over backwards to help me. He added a fence for my dogs and motion detectors for my safety. I am eternally grateful. 

I have referred David to several of my friends who were faced with my similar circumstances, though some have just moved back into apartment style living (that was never an option for me).

David mapped out all the details of my contract, he called often, and he had flexible terms and conditions. He helped me during a terrible time in my life.

Thanks to David Lader, I am a home owner again. I appreciate all he has done. He and his family are in my prayers.

Johnnie K. Montgomery

Tucson, AZ

Testimonial 7


I would highly recommend David Lader and Rovin, LLC properties to anybody considering purchasing a home. In the nearly three years since purchasing my home, David has always been available and willing to help with whatever we need. When we needed to make some roofing repairs due to a major storm, David went out of his way to help me work with the insurance company. He helped expedite the payment from the insurance company when he was under no obligation to do so. It’s nice to know that there’s always someone there if you need them. With David Lader, customer service and support doesn’t just disappear after you sign on the dotted line.

Michelle S.

Marana, AZ

Testimonial 6

Hola nosotros somos Evelin y Jesus, y queremos dar nuestro testimonio de la compra de nuestra casa que hicimos con el señor David M. Lader. Hace aproximadamente dos años que tubimos la buena fortuna de conocer al David Lader, y comensamos a negociar la compra de nuestra casa, nos atendio de una magnifica manerea, nos dio facilidades para el enganche y nos financio sin checar nuestro historial de credito en comodas mensualidades. Pero sobre todo un exelente trato y mucha amabilidad,es un gran placer hacer negosios con el ya que es una persona muy flexible y cordial. Se los recomiendo muy ampliamente no se van a arrepentir.

Evelin y Jesus Bogstie

Tucson, AZ

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