Testimonial 5



My Name is Nollie, and I purchased a home form David Lader and Rovin, LLC. Right from the start of my buying process, David was very helpful and kind . He goes out of his way to accommodate his buyers. David Lader is not only a business person, but a kind-hearted gentleman. I would recommend anyone buying a home to do business with David.

Nollie Garcia

Tucson, AZ

Testimonial 4


I was driving around looking for a house, and I seen David Lader‘s Rovin sign with a web address. I looked him up on the internet. Now I’d seen all he had to offer. I saw just what I was looking for. I called David Lader…very likable guy. He treated me like we were friends for a long time, the kind of friend that would depend on each other. One thing I like most about David is we always have something to talk about. The best thing I or anyone could say is David Lader is very trusting and supportive of me and my needs. You will will like working with David. I know I do.

Larry Buchholz

Tucson, AZ

Testimonial 3

My wife and I were out looking for a new home, and we were trying to view a home that was on the market. There was a lady already there looking at the home, so we had to wait a few minutes so we wouldn’t be in her way. She came out, and we all visited a moment. She told us about a very professional person that had several homes and could probably work with us. She told us about David Lader and his company Rovin, LLC and gave us his phone number and website. She had nothing to gain from giving us this information, but she said she had been treated very well by David and might end up buying one of his homes. We called David Lader and discussed our situation with him, what we were looking for, and what we had to spend on a new home. He was very easy to work with, and my wife and I bought a very nice home from David. The whole process was smooth and professional. He showed us the home and answered all our questions. He made it very easy for us to get into the home by working with us and letting us pay a portion of our down payment over a few months, which was the only way we could possibly purchase the home because, although we had been saving money for a down payment, we were still a little short on what was required. We had a few issues in the past which prevented us from being able to qualify for a conventional mortgage, and he even provided us with owner financing, which was crucial to us in order to be able to get our new home. If we are ever in the market for a new home, the first thing we would do is talk to David Lader and see if he has any homes available.

Jim Files

Tucson, AZ

Testimonial 2

I am a plumbing contractor, and I met David Lader through Marana Remodeling. David is an outstanding individual both personally and professionally, and he has treated me with the utmost dignity and respect. He clearly cares about my time and my well being. David truly is a kind and heartwarming person. Doing business with David Lader has been a breeze. When doing business, communication is key and communication with David is top notch. It is very easy to communicate with him, and he always goes out of his way to make sure that things get done on my terms. My personal memories with David will be everlasting because when I spend quality time with comforting people, personally and professionally, they remain in my memory. I definitely continue to refer David Lader to friends, colleagues, and business contacts. Rovin, LLC, one of David’s local companies, recently dispatched me to one of their rental properties. The renters were so enthusiastic and excited to have their problem resolved so quickly and professionally. The tennants thanked me so much and commented on how happy and grateful they were for my work and for having found David Lader and Rovin. Again, David has always been outstanding in his communication, and every job or project we have undertaken with him has been 100% hastle-free. He is a very caring and high quality professional, and I hope to continue doing business with him for a long time to come. Thank you David and Rovin!

Robert Scirica, S.O. Plumbing

Tucson, AZ

Testimonial 1

I met David Lader in February of 2013, and he is a wonderful landlord.

Back in February, I was driving around struggling to find a place to rent for my family when I received a call from my mom to let me know there was a place for rent on her street. Without hesitation, I drove over and got the number and called. After speaking with David Lader, he made me feel so secure and comfortable…It seemed like we had known each other for many years. I was in a bit of a situation, and, with just a little communication with David, I got the help I needed…It felt as though a heavy load had just fallen off of my chest. David held the home for us for almost a month…Now tell me what other landlord would have done that?

I am so thankful to have a landlord like Mr. David Lader. He worked with me and gave me a deal on my security deposit…There was NO SECURITY DEPOSIT! Wow – I was blessed. It’s hard to come across kindness like that. I was also blessed to have found a place close by my parents. One house separates us. My mom must go to dialysis, as she is on the waiting list for a kidney donor, and my dad is battling cancer. No words can describe how blessed and thankful I am to have had the chance to meet David. He is always just a simple phone call away, and he quickly solves any issues that arise. I have only been in my house for five months, and I already ran into a money crunch and needed assistance. David to the rescue again…He gave me an extension on my monthly payment. David Lader is the best, so I send him a special thanks from myself and my family for all he has done for us. Life can get a little hard sometimes…it’s nice to know someone like David during those times.

Once again, thank you David Lader 

Veronica M. Urquides

Tucson, AZ

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