David Lader discusses 4 Common Real Estate Questions

David Lader has dealt with all sorts of buyers, from many different walks of life. During that time, he’s noticed that many buyers – even those from divergent backgrounds – have similar questions when they first consider purchasing their own home. Here are some of the more common questions he’s received through the years…


1) Is Will there?

This may seem confusing at first glance, but it’s really a very funny question which stems from a simple misunderstanding of real estate terminology. As you’ll see in the photograph below, our signs say “Owner Will Carry.” Because of this, we’ve had potential buyers calling to speak with Will, who they assume to be the seller of the home. In fact, what we’re really conveying with our signs is that we will “carry the note” on the respective property. In layman’s terms, this means you will not have to deal with a conventional lending establishment in order to purchase a home from Rovin. We’ll be your bank… Consequently, applying for a loan is always going to be much easier. For more information on how it works, contact David Lader, or you can leave a message for Mr. William Carry.


2) What is a “Lease-Purchase,” and how does it work?

Many people get confused with this concept, but it’s actually very simple and can be extremely beneficial if you want to purchase a home. A Lease-Purchase agreement is similar in many ways to a regular home purchase, except that the closing date is extended, and you pay monthly to occupy your home during the interem. This is an excellent option if you don’t have enough “up-front” money to purchase a home, though you are clearly a reliable and stable payor over time… In a Lease Purchase with Rovin, you can move into your new home with as little as $2,000 and pay your “Option Fees” over an extended period that works for you. All this money will then be applied to lower your mortgage amount at the time of purchase. This also allows you to prevent the home you want from being purchased by another party before you’re ready to own it yourself.


3) How much money do I need to put down?

Rovin, LLC is unique in the Tucson real estate market in that we often require very little money down, as compared to other local companies. We truly enjoy helping people acquire their own homes, particularly when circumstances have not allowed them to purchase elsewhere. David Lader is well known in Tucson for his kind and understanding nature, and he will work with you to get you into the home you want.


4) What do I need to do to get started?

You probably have many more questions than we could possibly cover here. Don’t worry – that’s completely normal, and good for you! You should always ask a ton of questions when you’re making what will probably be the most significant purchase of your life – your own home. If you’re ready to start looking at homes and would like to meet with David Lader, we encourage you to contact Rovin, LLC at 520-343-3887 or email us by clicking here.

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