David Lader’s 5 Simple Tips To Improve Home Value

If you are preparing to sell your home, or the thought has crossed your mind, you’ve likely wondered if there are any simple things you can do to improve home¬†value. Not only does improving your home help you get more when you put it on the market, it gives the buyer a better value and, therefore, creates a happy customer. When both the buyer and the seller are pleased, transactions proceed quickly and smoothly…

5) A Fresh Coat of Paint

It’s amazing how much a fresh, new coat of paint can do for your home. Whether you decide to go all out and paint the exterior, or just paint a few of the main living spaces (living room, dining room, master bedroom, etc), a new coat of a neutral color can do wonders for the perceived value of a home.

4) Adding “Curb Appeal”

The first thing a potential buyer is going to see when they pull up to your home is not just the house itself, but the area around your house. If you have an untidy yard, spend some time straightening it up. Trim trees or bushes, rake leaves, or even replace an old mailbox with a new one to accent your home’s style. All of these small things can be accomplished in a weekend and will go a long way.

3) Restore Old Cabinetry or Replace It Completely

If you’ve lived in your home for a long time, or the home itself has original cabinetry from when the home was originally constructed, you might want to consider restoring or replacing it. Restoring can be as simple as giving it a fresh coat of glossy paint, and replacing with brand new cabinets can make the kitchen really stand out.

2) Reduce Clutter

Most of the time, you’ll be putting your house on the market while you’re still living in it. This means that you’re going to have potential buyers walking through your home with all of your furnishings and decorations. To showcase your home in the best light, you’ll want to reduce unnecessary clutter and clean up any unappealing decor.

1) Make Your Fixtures Shine

It’s no secret that people are often drawn to shiny things. It may sound silly, but simply restoring your faucets and metallic appliances to a nice shine can do wonders for the perceived value of your home. When a potential buyer walks into your kitchen or bathroom and sees what appear to be brand new fixtures, it’s going to be evident that you’ve put a great amount of effort into caring for the home.

Final Thoughts

There are many more examples of little things you can do to improve the value of your home before you sell it. A great way to get ideas is to take a tour of a house that is for sale by a large real estate management company. The homes they are selling will likely be carefully maintained, and you’ll be able to make notes on areas where your home could use some improvement.

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