Testimonial 10

Almost two years ago, my girlfriend and I were driving around when we saw the For Rent sign. I called David Lader and right away I knew that Mr. Lader was a great person to deal with. He did not overcomplicate the process of renting us the home. David is a very trustworthy individual, bar none. David has always treated us with the utmost respect. He is a very professional, no-nonsense type of person. Without a doubt, I give David Lader two thumbs up for being such great person. One of the most pleasant aspects of working with David has been his prompt response whenever we have had any problems with our property. David does not hesitate in putting me in contact with his crew to get any problem resolved right away. I am a retired military person, and I like to get things done without a lot of fuss.

Ivan Cruz

Tucson, AZ

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