Testimonial 11


I want to take a few minutes to talk about David Lader. I am so grateful for all the help and advice he gave my husband and me in the purchase of our dream house. We thought that was a far away dream until we met David Lader, and, thanks to him, we were able to make our dream a reality. David made it just like a fairy tale when my husband and I went over to his office. I remember I kept telling my husband to behave, as this was a professional matter. When David opened the door, however, I felt like we were greated by our own family. He made us feel like he knew us for a long time when he welcomed us in. When he told me the price that we had to pay for rent during the lease purchase period, I felt I was going to faint! Yes, never in my life have I ever paid that price. I remember saying this has to be a joke…where are the hidden cameras or what’s the catch…come on, it has to be a dream! Don’t wake me up, because if I was just paying one dollar for rent, I didn’t want to wake up, but we did…we woke up to a nicer reality finally and, thanks to David Lader and his Rovin crew, our dream of finally buying our house has become a reality. If you ask me if I would recommend Rovin, all my family and friends know all about David Lader, so I hope they will contact him to purhcase a home as well.. Once again, my family and I are so grateful from the bottom of our hearts for all of David’s help, patience, and kindness he had with us.

Zoila Badilla

Tucson, AZ

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