Testimonial 14


To Home Buyers out there,

If you are looking for a welcoming home and not just a house, save yourself the stress of traditional realtors with the painstaking game play and go see David Lader with Rovin, LLC. Trust me, he will change your life…he did mine.

I will always remember the day I had the unexpected pleasure of having fate putting David into my life. I had spent over a year of playing the back and forth games of “offers” on houses all over Tucson. I found nothing but headaches and let downs. One day, I decided I was done and turned the car around to head home when my father noticed a sign and convinced me to check out one last home. He called the contact number on the sign and found that David was in the area and was willing to stop by and show us the place.

From the second he pulled up to the house, David Lader put us both at ease in a way that no other had ever came close to. There was never any stress or pressure when David showed us the place with a welcoming joy that comes from that rare personality that shows the pride and love that one has put into their work. He was so up front and honest on every aspect of the house and property, answering every question we could think of with straightforward answers. We were just blown away with his honesty.

Well, my father and I left to go to dinner and talk it over and admitted to each other that we just fell in love with the place and were ready to play the “games” one more time. However, David made everything so smooth and personal that there were never any “games”. From the start to the finish, and everything between and beyond, David made buying a home a pleasure and not a dreaded chore. David even let me pick out the tile that I wanted, showing me many varieties and helping me see the pros and cons of every one so that I can not only live with my choice, but look at it every day with the same pride as the first time.

David, working and helping us to buy the home, made things relaxing and enjoyable. There is buying a house, and then there is buying a home, and David Lader is what makes that difference. Honesty and a deep family level of friendship twist together into professionalism that just flows out. Give David a call…you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

With pleasure of being a first-time home buyer,

JD Doss

Tucson, AZ

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